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About Vision Seal Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Where did it all start? Well, grab a drink, sit down and sit back.

Founded in 2013, Vision Seal Epoxy Flooring Melbourne has come a long way from its beginnings in Port Melbourne.

Tristan started flooring in Levin, New Zealand at the age of 17.

After leaving college at the end of 5th form, Tristan went on to spend one year doing a Mechanics pre-apprenticeship course.

Now the hands-on skills started to show, After finishing the course, it was time to find an apprenticeship, and without trying too hard, his Mother organised a temporary job at a family friends business called BM SCOTT LTD.

At first, Tristan thought he was going to be a painter but soon finds out that he is in the flooring team.

BM SCOTT specialised in;
• Glass Troweled Architectural Terrizite lay and polish.
• DEGADUR® MMA solvent-free resin floor coatings.Nuplex Sureshield.
• Epoxy Coving.
• Polyester Floor Regrading – Creating falls down to floor drains.
• Polished Concrete.
• Waterproofing / Tanking.

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