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Welcome to Vision Seal Epoxy Flooring Melbourne.

Vision Seal is Your number one source for all things Epoxy Floors & Concrete Polishing in Melbourne.

In addition, The Epoxy Legends provide Melbourne with the absolute best Resin Floor and Concrete Floor Solutions.

Finally, We aim to achieve the highest quality flooring system to meet the requirements you need and the budget, you may have.

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Vision Seal Epoxy Goals

Polished Concrete Garage Floor Lysterfield Melbourne

On the other hand, Vision Seal Epoxy Flooring Melbourne aims to bring a laid back and easy-going approach to business since we are applicators and proud high school dropouts.

We excel at trowelling floors during the day and struggle at night classes for English.

Vision Seal Epoxy Flooring Melbourne welcome keen go-getters to apply for a role or even work experience.

You learn, we learn.

When it all started.

Founded in 2013 by a young Epoxy Legend, Vision Seal Epoxy Flooring Melbourne has come a long way from its beginnings in Port Melbourne.

When the Epoxy Legends first started, their passion for delivering the high-quality floors for the floor legends at Bm Scott in NZ.

Moreover, to help paint the picture of what we wanted to provide to the Melbourne Flooring Market.

Meanwhile, drove the Epoxy Legends to start their own business.

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Where We Are & Aiming For.

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Nevertheless, Team has a big focus on automating the repetitive tasks like quoting or pricing of floors with fillable forms on our website.

Meanwhile, The team aim to offer a place you can ask the questions. In return, The Epoxy Legends will share our knowledge to further educate everyone around us.

About Vision Seal Epoxy Market We Cover?

Vision Seal Epoxy Flooring Melbourne currently cover Industrial, Commercial and Residential Floors.

For the future, we aim to focus on Industrial Polishing for warehouse, factories, and logistic floors.

This unique market is struggling with the right options to withstand the constant heavy traffic that businesses are facing day in day out.

Changing the floor for the industrial industry

When it comes to epoxy and concrete repairs

How and about vision seal epoxy clear floor application

Our Team aims to supply our affordable flooring and concrete repair solutions with no downtime to the running of your company. Therefore, making it a less stressful task for everyone. By working throughout the night polishing and sealing industrial concrete floors that are in return 33% harder wearing than the next best flooring option.

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy The Ride.

In the meantime, we will be looking after out repetitive and satisfied customers that have supported our passion along the way.

Epoxy Legend

Murrumbeena, Vic 3163

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