Commercial Kitchen Flooring Melbourne

What are the Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Flooring?

• Anti-Bacterial Growth Inhibitors.
• Seamless Floor.
• 6mm Thick.
• Anti-Slip.
• Can be applied at night and you can be back on the floor in the morning.
• Epoxy Coving.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring could be one of the most expensive building improvement schemes that you need to undertake.

But, though the budget is convinced to change your decision, yet, you would also need to consider;

-foot traffic
-along with the activities that your commercial flooring will bear.

Commercial Flooring Contractors Melbourne

Polyurethane Cement Is HACCP Food Grade Certified and has excellent.

• Abrasion resistance
• Impact damage
• Flexural strength.
• High resilience
• Flexibility

Commercial Building Flooring Melbourne

• Commercial Carparks
• Factory, Workshop And Warehouse Floors
• Food Processing Plants and Commercial Kitchens
• Washroom and Amenities Flooring
Epoxy Plant Room Floors
• Storeroom and Back of House Concrete Sealing
School Epoxy Flake Flooring
• Hospital Floors
Retail Polished Concrete

Melbourne Commercial Kitchen Floors

For a safe environment, your Melbourne Commercial Kitchen Floor must follow all health and safety regulations. For this reason, no ponding of water is a big must when you have;

• Hot temperatures
• Steady streams of water
• Constant spills
• Heavy industrial cooking equipment

Given these points, if you want to protect your employees and reduce cleaning cost, then having your kitchen floor sloping down to the floor waste is a no brainer!

Epoxy Floor Coving

Epoxy coving is a must if you want an easy to clean wall to floor junction. Where no more worrying about water going under the wall.
• Epoxy coving is a resin mixed with dry sand
• Mixed on-site and formed with a coving trowel
• Arrowhead is installed to increase the strength
• Epoxy Coving is like professional sandcastle building with how much detail and skill involved