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Vision Seal are the experts when it comes to concrete repair in Melbourne.

With a range of epoxy concrete repair solutions that will give you a beautiful, lasting, and low-maintenance floor for many years to come.

Concrete Repair

Vision Seal is one of Melbourne’s leading concrete flooring repair companies.

Our loyalty to/promise to quality and service is one-of-a-kind!

Delivering high-quality concrete floor repair service to our customers is our highest priority.

So, we work together personally with each client to secure/make sure of we meet and go past their expectations.

Concrete cracks and holes in concrete will unavoidably increase in size, costing more in repair costs.

Concrete Grinding Trip Hazard Repairs

Grinding – When it comes to health and safety in the workplace you must remove trip hazards to create a safer work zone for your staff.

Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair

Melbourne Epoxy flooring crack repairs reduce wear and tear on heavy machinery and vehicles.

For forklifts and trucks being in service is an essential job for Melbourne freight industry.

Overall, Concrete crack repairs will save you both downtime and running costs.

Concrete Sealing can also prevent the damage before it starts, adding protection like that of paint for a house or car.

Why Repair Concrete Cracks

Whenever there are cracks where standard concrete repair methods cannot penetrate, concrete repairers usually, use epoxy crack injection.

Before going ahead with a crack repair, the specialists must determine the cause of the crack and the need for a structural repair.

Do you have a widening crack in your property causing you problems? There is no need to panic, Contact Melbournes Concrete Repair Specialists.

Concrete Crack Injection

Epoxy Crack Injection – Gluing concrete back together with a low viscosity epoxy crack injection resin.

The best solution to use before having to demolish and reconstruct the concrete structure.

Joint Repairs Melbourne

The team at Vision Seal offer Melbourne a variety of Damaged Concrete Repair Services.

Epoxy Mortar – Epoxy resin mixed with dry sand to bulk fill potholes and other significant damaged concrete repairs.

The epoxy sub fill product is weighed and mixed on-site to a solid and rich resin to sand ratio.

Floor Joint Caulking Melbourne

Caulking – Sealing concrete saw cuts and construction joints to prevent water and other liquids soaking into the ground.

Also, caulking the joins in a concrete slab helps create a back pressure against the edge of the concrete slab, helping to prevent damage to the construction joints every time a truck or forklift drives over the top.

Garage Concrete Repair

How damaged is your garage floor?

Repair garage floor before the epoxy floor coating is applied, the epoxy coating then acts as a bandage to hold the garage floor together.

Do you have cracked or damaged concrete in your Melbourne garage?
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How to repair a cracked concrete garage floor?

Concrete Repair Epoxy

Concrete repair epoxy will strengthen and prevent specific holes and cracks from increasing in severity.

Commercial Kitchen Concrete Floor Repair Preparation
Replacing concrete is often costly and time-consuming.

Damaged concrete can pose a safety hazard to all traffic- therefore, it is vital to have those cracks and holes filled.

Epoxy concrete repairs Melbourne is both time and cost-efficient and, in most cases, a suitable solution.

Warehouse forklift traffic and truck logistics that have heavy traffic running around all day. Therefore, keeping up with maintenance is essential to keep the concrete.

Explore more epoxy flooring products & services.

How to fill cracks in concrete floor

Clean out the crack with a diamond grinder, vacuum the crack and fill with an epoxy resin.

How to fill holes in concrete floor

Cut around the hole, jackhammer the concrete hole, vacuum clean, apply an epoxy primer and subfil hole with an epoxy mortar.

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