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Concrete Floor Sealer

Eliminate concrete dust from your home or work place with Vision Seals Concrete Sealing Melbourne Service.

Factory Floor Sealing

Concrete sealing a factory floor in Melbourne, Vision Seal can complete the works at night so forklifts can be back on the floor in the morning.

Why Seal a Garage Floor?

Garage floors unsealed creates dusty, unhealthy and ongoing problems for your family home.

By sealing your garage floor, you will not only notice a huge difference in lighting but more importantly, how much dust is not being trampled inside your house.

Sealing Cement Floors in a Warehouse

Cement sealer is suitable for new slabs or when renovating an existing warehouse floor even if it needs concrete repair first.

The actual sealing process is quick and efficient, and also relatively fast-drying.

Meaning you can get back to work sooner.

Melbourne Concrete Sealing

Our experienced staff will apply a penetrating water-based or solvent-based epoxy concrete sealer.

The application provides an aesthetically appealing and durable surface, as well as reducing dust.

Perfect for commercial flooring and industrial concrete floor applications.

For other Commercial Flooring Services carry on.

Epoxy Flake Concrete Sealing

Using the flake flooring system is a great way to protect and seal concrete at the same time adding colour to your bare concrete. Flake is widely used on indoor, outdoor, new and old concrete floors.

Melbourne Concrete Floor Sealer

The best concrete sealing method for any concrete surface that needs dust proofing is to use a penetrating sealer.


Because it does not sit on top of concrete where traffic will wear coatings away, instead, it seals the concrete from within unable to wear out.

Makes sense, right?
Also, the penetrating sealer helps Polished Concrete to be ultimate flooring system as it uses the sealer as a stain guard at the end of the flooring process.

Concrete Resealing in Melbourne

Are you looking to reseal your concrete? Concrete floors that are inside will need maintenance over time, and then you have outside concrete that has to put up with Melbourne’s lovely weather. So over time concrete will need to be resealed well we can help you with that!

Quick tip, keep a record of what product and scope of works a concrete sealer contractor uses as this will help the next Melbourne flooring team to decide what the best method to resealing your concrete.

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