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You are sealing a Concrete floor by forming a protective barrier and making your concrete surface impervious to liquids.

Concrete floors when unsealed are porous and open to the world. Therefore, the concrete floor can absorb water, soak in vapour, liquids will easily stain and break down the concrete surface.

The penetrating sealer is not a film build; this soaks into the porous cement and reacts with the concrete and seals the dusty concrete floor.

Concrete Sealing Melbourne end your dust problem!

Now, this is the Same system that specialist in Polished Concrete, Car park Sealing and on Melbourne Bunnings Store Floors use.

Experts at Commercial and Industrial Concrete Sealing Melbourne.

When applying a concrete floor sealer to the concrete, it is like putting wax on the car, varnish on wood or a hat on your head.

As a result, this helps to prevent the surface from being damaged by everyday obstacles.

Putting a penetrating sealer on the concrete floor is ideally the best product for protecting concrete and where it is outside in the harsh weather.

Warehouse logistics yards and massive traffic sites in Melbourne require it to help prevent concrete repairs and damage to machinery.

Concrete Sealing Melbourne Penetrating

The Best Penetrating Concrete Sealer in Melbourne, the team at Vision Seal apply a low cost, dust proofing, concrete hardening (up to 33%) sealer.

As a result, it is sealing the concrete with an impregnating product, that seals off the surface, making it repel liquids.

Prevent staining at the same time making the surface harder, more durable to heavy trucks, forklifts or even car parks.

Concrete Sealer Melbourne Penetrating
Concrete Sealing Melbourne Penetrating

The concrete preparation process is cleaning of the surface with.

  • Pressure washing.
  • Eco-friendly cleaner through the scrubber followed by allowing the surface to dry.
  • Next day our legends will apply the product to the surface with a sprayer or scrubber.
  • The crew will keep the concrete sealer Melbourne on the surface, keeping wet for one hour.
  • And once that one hour is up the crew washes down the area and scrubs clean (removing of residue).
  • As a result of the following day, we recommend using the surface,
  • Now if the downtime is critical, then we can aid make sure there is no downtime!

Spills, Grime and Unsealed Before Concrete Floor Sealing.

  • Liquid spills and grime can all be easily absorbed into the concrete and wipe away the aesthetic beauty of your floor.
  • You can prevent this by selecting a suitable concrete sealer, Vision Seal Concrete Sealing Melbourne specialists in applying the sealer to your floor.
  • Consequently, you will get an enhanced and protected floor with a stunning fresh look.
  • Our Concrete Sealing Melbourne Experienced staff will apply a penetrating water-based sealer or solvent-based epoxy concrete sealer.
  • Therefore, this concrete flooring application supplies an aesthetically appealing and durable surface.
  • Vision Seal’s specialists have the latest technology, along with market-leading, approved industry flooring sealants and epoxy coating.
  • Perfect for commercial, industrial applications and this product suits all slabs, New and Old slabs, Wide and Long.
  • The sealing process is quick and efficient, and it is also relatively fast-drying – meaning you can get back to work sooner.
Preperation of Polished concrete system
Polished Concrete Garage Floor Lysterfield Melbourne

Benefits of Warehouse floor Concrete Sealing Melbourne?

  • Vision Seal often has the question asked by customers whether concrete should require a sealer.
  • Concrete Floor Sealing is optional if you would prefer your concrete surfaces to stay cleaner and look “newer” for a longer time. Sealing is a great idea.
  • Our concrete floor coatings have excellent resistance to normal attrition, as well as industry-specific types of abuse such as acid spills.

Car Park Sealing and Curing

  • Advantages of Vision Seals Garage Flooring Concrete Sealing Melbourne:
  • Lower maintenance – Concrete becomes much more comfortable to wash and clean.
  • You are lowering the risk of marking effects of dirt, grime, salt, moss, and oils.
  • Slow the growth of moss or mould in humid areas.
  • Reduce the ratio of colour fade because of the harsh Australian weather.
  • May inhibit weed/insect infestation number 1 Concrete Sealer Melbourne.

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