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Epoxy Floors Melbourne

We love challenges; we collaborate with you to find, create, and offer the best Epoxy floor systems Melbourne has to offer.

Industrial Epoxy Floors

An industrial epoxy floor coating is ideal for factory flooring and those needing a surface that is affordable, durable, and easy to clean.
End of lease where our clients need to restore the floor to the original condition.

Photo – Kongsberg Maritime, Derrimut VIC

Epoxy Flooring Concrete Repair

Logistics Warehouse Concrete repair;
1) Cut and remove concrete around floor repair.
2) Epoxy prime concrete repair.
3) Mix and apply epoxy sub fill.

Photo – New Aim, Brooklyn VIC

Warehouse Concrete Flooring

Melbourne warehouse concrete floor services;
Epoxy warehouse coatings
Concrete repair
Sealing of warehouse floors
End of lease flooring

Photo – Food Grade Warehouse, Hallam VIC

Workshop Flooring

Epoxy workshop floor coatings have always had a good challenge when it comes to wear and tear.

From the daily Oil spills, radiator fluid/ antifreeze, tools and trolly jacks dragged around the workshop.

Photo – Alan Mance Nissan, Melton VIC

Service Centre Epoxy Floors

Automotive service centre flooring lives and breath hard wearing and tear on their floors. Epoxy is durable, chemical resistant to most solvents and easy to clean oil off the floor.

Photo – Alan Mance Kia, Footscray VIC

13CABS Orange Epoxy Floor

The 13CABS orange floor is by far the most refreshing looking workshop to have.

Photo – 13CABS Tech Warehouse, Thomastown VIC

Epoxy Commercial Kitchen Floors

When it comes to Commercial Kitchen Flooring, most think it is an epoxy floor.

It is epoxy coving around the edges and a polyurethane cement floor topping that has been trowel down and top-coated with the coving.

Photo – The Lincoln (Hotel Lincoln), Carlton VIC

School Epoxy Floor Coating

School, University and College toilet floors require hard-wearing, long term flooring solutions.

Epoxy flake flooring for public toilet floor system with epoxy coving, anti-slip to make them safe, easy to wash out and to last long term.

Photo – Mooroolbark College, Mooroolbark VIC

Caravan Park Flooring

Caravan park floors often need a refurbishment every ten years, especially if they are on the beach.

Photo – Corinella Foreshore Caravan Park, Corinella VIC

Butchers Flooring Melbourne

Food grade flooring for butcheries scope of works;

1) Diamond grind concrete.
2) Repair concrete.
3) Apply epoxy coving around the perimeter.
4) Apply polyurethane cement 6mm floor topping.
5) Apply Topcoat to coving and floor.

Epoxy Coving

Floor to wall food-grade epoxy coving.
100mm high.
Aluminium arrowhead.
Mixed and applied on-site.
Sports Club Pavilion Floor Coving.

Why The Epoxy Flooring Recoat Time Is Crucial

Epoxy recoat time is crucial when it comes to epoxy adhering to concrete and itself.

Because epoxy resin chemically melts the first coat to become one solid coating.

If the recoat window happens to finish before applying the second coat, then you must sand the surface followed by a solvent wipe to reactive the epoxy.

This makes sure the epoxy adheres to the first coat( Still strong and durable but it would not be as good as achieving the recoat timeframe).

Epoxy Anti Slip Floors Melbourne

Cost-efficient epoxy floors are durable, and a hard-wearing surface will last for years to come, with only minimal expense for upkeep.

Improve workplace safety by adding anti-slip to the Epoxy adds a level of protection to your concrete surface.

We can also use different colours simultaneously to define safety areas, ie. Traffic zone.

Retail Shop Epoxy Floors

Retail stores are big on style and design when it comes to attracting customers into their shop.

The floor plays a big part, with epoxy we can create a long-lasting high gloss floor or a designer finished matt floor.

When it comes to colours, you may choose one solid colour, clear coating or design a decorative pattern.
We love creating unique floors so whatever your idea maybe we are keen to join in on the project.

Residential Epoxy Flooring

We have you covered when it comes to Residential epoxy floors.

Outside concrete resurfacing.
Self-level epoxy.
Garage & Basement floors.
Pool deck concrete coatings.
Epoxy flake floors.
Residential polished concrete.
Alfresco floors.
Residential driveways.

Garage Floor Epoxy

Do you have concrete dust inside your home? Where is the dust coming from, and how do we eliminate it?

Most of the time, this happens when you have a garage connected to your house, and the garage concrete floor has no sealer on it.

If this is the case, then every time you hope out of your car and walk inside, you are dragging the mess with you.

By sealing your concrete with an epoxy flake or 100% solids epoxy, you will stop the dust and create a healthier environment for your family.

Grind and Seal Epoxy Floor Coating

Grind and seal epoxy floor applications are perfect for commercial retail shops.

The best part of a grind and seal project is creating a unique finish every time, giving the concrete a little bit of character.

Photo – North Melbourne Retail Shop

Murrumbeena, Vic 3163

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