Epoxy Warehouse Flooring Melbourne

Vision Seals epoxy warehouse flooring service provides Melbourne with a durable, smooth and high-performance surface ready to tackle all heavy machinery.

Warehouse Concrete Flooring Melbourne

Depending on the warehouse or factory operating hours, Vision Seal will create a scope of works that aims for minimal downtime.

Unless of course, the area can be vacant for the required drying time.

Option 1 – Epoxy coating
Option 2 – 400 grit polished concrete (recommended)

Advantages Of Epoxy Warehouse Flooring

100% solids Epoxy, provide a film build (one layer merged from 2 coats), a high-gloss shiny surface that may significantly improve the brightness of inner areas of the buildings.

Concrete epoxy coatings are the durable and hard-wearing surface that is able enough for withstanding continuous and heavy load.

When epoxy resin mixed with colours and fillers for masking off cracks and chips in warehouses floors saving the expensive wear and tear on forklift tyres.

Warehouse Floor Coating

Epoxy industrial flooring is easy to clean; favoured for industrial settings like warehouses.

Warehouse floors usually use epoxy for protecting concrete floors because of the chemical resistant characteristics and the safety of anti-slip additives.

When warehouses floors face a lot of heavy traffic, we can protect the surface by applying an epoxy coating to the warehouse concrete floors.

In factories, the factory flooring gets damaged due to heavy loads and widespread use. However, epoxy coatings reduce maintenance cost over time.

Warehouse Concrete Floor Repair

Repairing concrete in and around your factory is much needed more than ever.

Eliminate trip hazards and protect your staff removing concrete potholes and save money on forklift tyres.

The Vision Seal team are experts when it comes to warehouse concrete floor repairs

orange epoxy floor for taxitech
floor coating in food grade warehouse

Warehouse Concrete Floor Cleaning

Food Grade Flooring Melbourne

Polished Concrete Melbourne

Concrete Repair

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