Withstanding heavy loads, Warehouse Epoxy Floors Provide a durable, smooth and high-performance surface 


Scope of works;

After Vision Seal diamond grinds the concrete floor to achieve an 80 grit surface profile

The legends then fill all holes and cracks with an epoxy paste.

The repairs are followed by applying the epoxy primer.

Our epoxy primer coat is the same resin as the topcoat; instead, it is thinned down  (no more than 10%)  to the required consistency.

Like painting a wall, the first coat main purpose is to soak deep into the slab.

We wish for the coating to lock in and hold tight.

After the epoxy primer cures overnight, the team then arrives bright and early ready for final preparation.

Making sure the 2nd coat goes down within the recommended recoat time frame.

Depending on the warehouse or factory operating hours, Vision Seal will create a scope of works that aims for minimal downtime.

Unless of course, the area can be vacant for the required drying time.

Now, two chemicals used for building epoxy floor coating including a “hardner” and the “resin”.

Forming a covalent bond when the compound is mixed, and the epoxide group reacts with an amine group.

Thus, the resulting polymer is strong and rigid because of being cross-linked.

This polymerisation process is known as curing and controlled through the choice of hardener, resin compounds and temperature.

epoxy coating warehouse resurfaced concrete

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Warehouse Flooring Melbourne has many advantages over traditional coatings, including:

  • 100% solids Epoxy, provide a film build (one layer merged from 2 coats), a high-gloss shiny surface that may significantly improve the brightness of inner areas of the buildings.
  • Concrete Epoxy coatings for concrete floors are the durable and hard-wearing surface that is able enough for withstanding continuous and heavy load.
  • Cleaning, Epoxy Flooring is easy to clean; favoured for industrial settings like warehouses.
  • When Epoxy Resin mixed with colours and fillers for masking off cracks and chips in warehouses floors saving the expensive wear and tear on forklift tyres.
  • Warehouses usually use epoxy for concrete floors because of the chemical resistant characteristics and the safety of anti-slip additives.
  • When Concrete flooring in warehouses face a lot of wear and tear, and we can prevent by applying an epoxy coating to the warehouse concrete floors.
  • In warehouses, the flooring gets damaged due to heavy loads and widespread use, however, concrete epoxy coatings for warehouses to reduce maintenance cost over time.

 Vision Seal – Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Our team of legends Vision Seal are the ones that you go too if you want to do it once and do it right, we are not the leaders in the market as most would say.

Vision Seal provides different services including

  1. Factory concrete sealing,
  2. Concrete Grinding or End of Lease Floor Cleaning
  3. Factory concrete floor repairing
  4. Concrete Polishing
  5. Garage concrete flooring

Email your suburb, floor width and length to [email protected] for your epoxy warehouse flooring free quote.

Vision Seal can answer any question while viewing the surface and finding out the perfect service to suit your budget.

Solid Colour How To Epoxy Image

Time needed: 1 day.

  1. Diamond grind the concrete floor.

    First, Diamond grind edges and floor with 25 grit diamond.
    Followed by a second cut with 60 grit diamonds.

  2. Repair the floor.

    Second, fill holes and cracks with an epoxy paste.
    Larger repairs, subfil with epoxy and sand mix.

  3. Apply epoxy to the concrete substrate.

    Finally, Apply the first coat of 100% solids epoxy to the floor using a roller and brush.