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Vision Seal have an eye for detail and specialise in smooth, glossy, and high-performance epoxy garage floors in Melbourne.

If you are looking for high-quality garage resin floors, then we can help.

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What flake do you prefer?

Flake Flooring Infographic

Epoxy Flooring Infographic

Garage Floor Coating

The best entry-level garage floor coating;
Epoxy coating 100% solids
Solids = How much filler is in the epoxy.
Like beans are the solids/filler in a bean bag chair.

Clear Garage Floor Epoxy

A garage floor epoxy clear always brings out a cool, unique slab, and the colours in the concrete get to shine.

Polished Concrete or Clear Epoxy both have their benefits but bring out the same style feal

Epoxy Flake Flooring Process

Epoxy garage floors are impervious, and they look fabulous!

1) Epoxy primer coat
2) Epoxy base coat
3) Full broadcast of flake chips.
4) 2x Polyurethane topcoat

How Long to Stay Off New Epoxy Garage Floors?

Foot traffic / Walking – 48 hours after the last coat.
Driving Car – 7 days after the last day.
Full cure – 7 days

We say do it once and do it right, so keeping off the fresh coating for the entire duration is the best approach.

Garage Epoxy Floor Preparation

When it comes to garage floors, all we want is;
To stop garage floor paint peeling off.
• Needing to paint the garage floor once a year.

The number one rule for applying a product to a garage floor, wall or any surface is that the coating must have the right preparation.

Melbourne Garage Floor Concrete Grinding

1) Diamond grind the concrete floor to create a clean flat surface.

By grinding the garage concrete floor, we are opening the concrete surface up, allowing the epoxy coating to soak into the slab and hold on tight.

Repair Garage Concrete Floor

2) Repair cracked concrete garage floors.
Repair all holes and cracks with an epoxy paste prior to the epoxy floor coating.

Garage Floor Epoxy Application

3) Applying the first epoxy coating thinned down by 10 per cent to soak into the concrete floor.

Photo – Pewter in a Middle Park Garage

Garage Floor Final Day

4) Apply the second coat of epoxy to a garage concrete floor.

Sand the first coat of epoxy, repair defects in the floor with an epoxy paste and Finally, apply the second coat of epoxy

Photo – Pewter Garage Floor in Caulfield VIC

Why Use Epoxy For Your Garage Floor?

Looks amazing
Long-lasting (10 years +)

What Is The Best Epoxy Garage Floor Paint?

100% solids epoxy + clear UV stable polyurethane.

For example, concrete sealers and epoxy paint coatings are applied to concrete to protect it from wear, corrosion, and staining.

Garage Epoxy Flake Floors

Flake garage floor in Melbourne is becoming more and more popular. Best decorative garage flooring?
Epoxy flake flooring, stylish, our coatings are available in a range of colours and different covers.

Melbourne Garage Floors Are Durable

Our view on Garage Flooring Melbourne, inside homes, use high gloss polished concrete and for garage floors use epoxy.

Because garages store oily tools, grubby cars, all other DIY homes, and garden tools, then an epoxy garage floor coating will be best suited.

Why Choose Epoxy For Your Garage

For instance, our water and chemical resistant sealers stop dangerous materials from affecting your garage floor.

As a result, this enables the coated surface to last throughout years with an engaging and lasting finish.

Standard Double Garage Epoxy Floor Scope Of Works

Time needed: 2 days.

Cure Times
Foot traffic after the last coat – 48 hours.
Driving on after the last day – 7 days.
Full cure from the final coat – 7 days.
Total process + curing – 9 days.

  1. Grind garage concrete floor.

    Diamond grind garage floor with a concrete grinder.

    epoxy garage floor concrete grinding

  2. Repair holes and cracks with epoxy paste.

    Epoxy paste all holes and cracks using an epoxy resin binder mix with flour.

    Concrete Repairs Melbourne Braeside

  3. Apply the first coat of epoxy.

    Mix and apply 100% solids epoxy resin, adding 10% thinners into the mix to allow for the epoxy to penetrate deeper into the concrete.

    Garage Floor Coating Caulfield Melbourne

  4. Sand the garage floor epoxy.

    Using a floor buffer, sand the epoxy garage floor to highlight any low spot making it easier to repair.

    Garage Polished Concrete in Victoria Australia

  5. Repair the highlighted low-spots.

    Epoxy paste the low spots and any concrete cracks, by sanding the floor you highlight the low spots making it easier to see and fix.

    Grinder Used For Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

  6. Apply the second epoxy coating.

    Finally add only 5 to 8% epoxy thinners to the mix and apply the final coat.

    standard grey epoxy garage floor Melbourne

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