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Polished Concrete

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Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished Concrete Flooring is one the most preferred floor covering for supermarkets around Victoria and Australia.
Why? Because if you stand back and look at Woolworths.

Woolworths on average, has 21 million customers each week go through the shop (3 million per day). Woolworth’s supermarket shop floors need to handle a fair amount of traffic when you look at the big picture!

Polished concrete outperforms vinyl tiles, and at night the scrubber comes out and gives the floor scrub.

800Grit Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

Polished Concrete Melbourne.

Does it look like an infinity pool at first glance?

Industrial Concrete Polishing

400 grit & 800 grit industrial Polished Concrete Melbourne with a finish that rejects the penetration of Label printing Ink!
If this sounds like a floor that you will benefit from then grab a free quote and we will see you on the next site visit!

Commercial Polished Concrete

At night while you sleep, we can come in with our machines and do the work. After 8 hours before you come back in we will be packing our machine away or we can take them back off the site.

So you, the customer, can come back in and carry on with your business—the best result of not having to close up shop when you need to have your new floors resurfaced.

Concrete Polishing Melbourne Caulfield

Commercial Concrete Polishing Cost

$99 per m2 + gst
Commercial Polished Concrete

Industrial Polished Concrete Cost

$89 per m2 + gst

Polished Concrete Floors In Melbourne

Vision Seal are flooring specialist near me, and when it comes to polished concrete floors in Melbourne.
We are not the top of the range hiperfloor certified contractors. Instead, we offer the same process and quality finishes but stopping at 800 grit, which is the start of the high gloss polished concrete finishes.

Concrete Floor Polishing Melbourne

Polished concrete Melbourne is hard to scratch floor because the surface hardens up to 33% more than before.

Due to the combination of techniques and chemicals to close up the air pockets in the surface (non-technical definition)

How To Repair Polished Concrete Floors

Do you have a damaged polished concrete floor? is it a hole, crack or a scratch?

Does not matter the answer as all three options need fixing, and the polished concrete floor will need a repolish. That is if you are after a proper complete fix. Any other method will create a noticeable repair.

Concrete Polishing Scope of Works

How polished concrete in Melbourne becomes shiny. A process where diamond grinding of new or existing cement to expose stone/aggregate using a triple head planetary grinders. Minor cracks and surface imperfections are grouted and filled.

Following the concrete grout system, the concrete slab has a treatment that hardens the cement up to 33% more using a spray-on densifier; this allows the concrete surface to be polished. After that, the concrete polishing starts off using a series of diamond pads that slowly get finer with each pass.

Next up is applying a penetrating sealer to enhance the newly polished concrete floor and help it to maintain its durability over a long period.
Usual traffic may resume on the area immediately following the above process.

Therefore, no need to wait days for full cure-reducing downtime and therefore, expenses!

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