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Industrial Polished Concrete Floors in Melbourne

What industrial polished concrete options;
1) 400 grit finish – Low gloss
2) 800 grit finish – High gloss

Polished Concrete Floors For Logistics Warehouse Facilities

Polished Concrete Floors is one the most preferred floor covering for high traffic logistics buildings around Melbourne, Victoria.

First of all, when it comes to flooring in the workplace, minimising downtime to your business is our main focus. During the concrete polishing process, the floor can be walked on driven over and used at an average operating level during the day.

Benefits and critical points included in the concrete polishing system for warehouse floors in logistics facilities are;

Warehouse Concrete Repairs

Due to everyday operational and heavy stationary loads, concrete will become damaged and start to cause production to slow down and safety issues.

Included in the concrete polishing system, we fix and repair concrete at the start before the polishing process

Filling of Control Joints and Saw Cuts

All concrete floors have control joints “contraction joints” and saw cuts for one reason, to allow the concrete slab to move and (try) control cracking.

During the process, we fill exposed joints in the concrete slab with a polishable polyurea.

Flatten and Remove Uneven Concrete

When it comes to different heights in a warehouse floor, this causes damage to lift trucks “pallet trucks” and forklifts.

Also creating a health and safety issue to your employees and slowing down your production.

Part of the first steps in of industrial concrete polishing we identify and remove rough and uneven concrete with our concrete grinders.

Get Rid of Concrete Dust

An unsealed concrete floor causes a massive cost to your business in many areas from cleaning to contamination and in result to this slowing down production.

Due to the mechanical polishing process closing up and filling the tiny little holes in concrete forms a dust-free dense and sealed floor that will no longer produce concrete dust from your industrial concrete floor.

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Do you have a hard time cleaning your restaurant floor?

Does the floor look untidy even after washing it?

We have the tools to do the job, if you have vinyl or a painted floor at the moment, then no drama we can remove the existing base first before getting stuck into the concrete polishing.

Office Building Polished Concrete Floors

Commercial polished concrete is often done on night shift to save you and your business from any downtime.

Crack Repair On Polished Concrete Floors

Do you have a damaged polished concrete floor? is the repair a hole, crack or a scratch?

Does not matter the answer as all three options need fixing, and the polished concrete floor will need a repolish.

Photo –

Residential Polished Concrete Floors

Does it look like an infinity pool at first glance?

Residential polished concrete floors
High gloss floor finishes in Melbourne, long-lasting, hardwearing and awesome looking way of sealing concrete floors.

Photo – Outdoor man cave in Pakenham VIC

Garage Floor Concrete Polishing

After grinding a garage floor and polishing it to an 800 grit finish, we then apply a penetrating sealer to enhance the new polished concrete floor, and this also acts as a stain guard.

Man Caves and basement gym sheds are a common area we tend to polish concrete.

A lot of home gyms lean towards a polished concrete finish, and in the workout areas, we install rubber gym flooring to give the workout crew the proper support they need.

Polished Concrete Melbourne Gallery

How polished concrete becomes shiny.

A process where diamond grinding of new or existing cement to expose stone/aggregate using a triple head planetary grinders.

Minor cracks and surface imperfections are grouted and filled.

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