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Commercial Kitchen Floors

Polyurethane Cement Anti-Slip Flooring Melbourne is an excellent choice for a wide range of commercial food grade floors.

Food Grade Commercial Kitchen Flooring

PU Slurry Broadcast, specially designed resin flooring for the food manufacturing industry. With its primary focus being anti-bacteria growing properties.

Polyurethane Cement Drying Times;
Hard dry: 3 hours
Lightfoot traffic: 6 hours
Full use: >12 hours

Polyurethane Cement

Polyurethane cement floors are the number one choice when it comes to commercial kitchen flooring in Melbourne.

Because the surface is laid on-site with a slurry broadcast system and then top coated, this means that no water or bacteria can get in and under the floor compared to commercial vinyl and tile flooring

Polyurethane Cement Benefits

Commercial Kitchen Melbourne Floors with a slip-resistant surface that improves traction and limits falls.

An easy to clean floor that will not succumb to the daily application of harsh cleaning agents.

Infection control
Pre-treated material that limits microbial growth and infection

Should be smooth, free from cracks and crevices, unable to absorb grease, food particles or hot water, steam, and chemicals.

Staff morale
After a long shift, your staff appreciates kitchen floors that are minimal maintenance and easy to clean.

Melbourne Food Grade Flooring

Non-slip commercial kitchen epoxy floor coatings are often actually Polyurethane Cement, Both anti-slip floors are designed for and are food grade.

Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring Cost

Are you looking to pass audits with flying colours and avoid costly shutdowns?
Commercial non-slip epoxy floors start from $90 per m2 and depending on your needs. e.g. creating fall to the drains then this is $140+ per m2 on top of the $90+ per m2.

Health and Safety Flooring and Kitchen Floor Repair

Many past clients in the restaurant business notice once we have replaced the old vinyl, how bad the kitchen floor needed repair and how bad the flooring smelt.

They now highly recommend polyurethane cement for your commercial kitchen floors, due to being a resin-based floor system with no chance water getting in and under the floor like that of vinyl flooring.

Water sitting under vinyl is one of the smelliest things to come across, and you probably think its the smell of old grease or so on. When pulling up old kitchen vinyl flooring, it is hard to find committed guys that will go through how disgusting it is.

High Thermal Shock Resistance

When selecting a food industry flooring system, it is essential to keep in mind, that often temperature in your kitchen will vary.

Concrete floors in and around your freezers will make your floors cool and cold and then 2 metres away from your deep frier and oven area producing extreme heat to your floor.

Food Safe Flooring

70% of our customers think that polyurethane cement is the same as epoxy flooring; the reality is that there are few differences.

Polyurethane cement, specially designed for users in the food and processing industries like;

Commercial Kitchens
Food Preparation
Service Areas

Food-Grade Flooring

Industry flooring that follows sanitation standards in areas like commercial kitchens and cafeterias as well as to hold up against acids contained in oils, sugars, and diaries.

Which can break down the exterior of traditional floor coverings such as vinyl, also the floor must be stain-resistant for when things get messy.

Foot Traffic In Your Kitchen

Whatever flooring solution, you choose must be strong enough to avoid abrasion from heaving equipment and constant foot traffic.

In a challenging environment such as restaurants, the floor needs to be slip-resistant where anti-slip will help prevent injuries from falls and slips.

No Downtime To Your Business

For instance, polyurethane cement can be hard dry in just 3 hours, allowing to have light foot traffic in only 6 hours.

You can resume full operation in less than 12 hours.
With quick-drying times, PU floors are ideal for places that close at night or cannot afford to stay closed for longer than 12 hours.

Hard dry: 3 hours
Lightfoot traffic: 6 hours
Full use: >12 hours

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